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The World's Most Nutritious Food

Spirulina is blue green microscopic plankton. Its cells stacked end-to-end forming a spiral filament. Spirulina has 60% of protein content and more than 60 other synergistic nutrients. It is nature's richest source of vitamin B12, A, E, iron, calcium, potassium, gamma linolenic acid and chlorophyll. Inovital Spirulina is easily digestible and is an ideal dietary supplement especially for growing children and elderly people.

  • Wholesome nutrition
  • Natural and easily digestible
  • Nature's richest source of vitamin B12, A, E, iron, calcium, potassium, gamma linolenic acid and chlorophyll
  • Suitable for all ages

Benefits of Spirulina

  • Lowers cholesterol level in the blood; cleanse the blood vessels by removing deposited cholesterol from the surface of blood vessels, reducing risk of heart problem
  • Highly effective in getting rid of free radical; Free radical will interfere and disrupt our normal body chemistry, causing cancer, gout, cataract and premature aging
  • Ideal food supplement to overcome mental stress
  • Ideal dietary supplement for pregnant mothers as well as her baby
  • Enhances and strengthens body immune system
  • Suppresses the appetite of the person who’s on a weight-loss program, capable of satisfying hunger by fulfilling the body’s biochemical needs

Direction For Use

Consume 2 capsules each time, twice a day, after meal.



螺旋藻是一種藍青色的細微浮游藻類,它的細胞頭尾相接形成螺旋絲狀。螺旋藻含有60%蛋白質和60種其它重要營養。它含有豐富維他命B2、A、E、鐵、鈣、鉀、GLA和葉綠素。 INOVITAL螺旋藻非常容易被消化,是成長中的兒童及老年人最理想的保健食品。

• 有助於化解血管內的脂肪沉澱物和降低膽固醇,從而減少心臟疾病的發生
• 含有豐富的抗氧化混合物質,可以抵抗人體在新陳代謝過程中所產生的游離基(游離基可導致癌症、關節炎、白內障和未老先衰等疾病惡化)
• 幫助舒緩和鎮定緊張的神經,從而舒緩壓力的功效
• 給予女性懷孕期所需的營養,更能幫助胎兒健全的成長
• 強化身體免疫能力
• 高營養,低熱量,有助於補充在減肥期間所需的營養
• 改善更年期的問題及皮膚乾燥的現象



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