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InoGen Collagen Drink

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InoGen Collagen Drink

$ 61.00

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InoGen Collagen Drink
InoGen Collagen Drink
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$ 61.00
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InoGen is a delicious functional drink highly recommended for those who desired to have young and radiant skin. Each bottle of InoGen contains 6000mg of fish hydrolyzed collagen, which complement with the collagen demand of human body. Fish Collagen origin from France, with lower molecular weight as bioactive protein source, is highly digestible, instantly absorbed by cells to supplement and stimulate the skin's collagen production. Formosa Ruby™ has high potential to be used as a functional ingredient in skin care products. 

InoGen成份含6000mg法國膠原蛋白 – 可緊緻肌膚、對抗衰老;其吸收率更是一般蛋白質的5倍。此外,它含有紅藜 (Formosa Ruby™) 獲專利發明及獎項有助「抗醣化」。 醣化作用是指身體攝取過多的糖分而沒法被完全吸收,剩餘的糖分便會與身體的蛋白質結合, 形成醣化終產物(AGEs)。它會破壞膠原蛋白組織,使肌膚出現衰老徵狀。

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