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Allium Plus

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Allium Plus

$ 80.00

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Allium Plus
Allium Plus
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$ 80.00
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Care For Your Digestive Health

Inovital Allium Plus is a combination of five ingredients: Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Apple and Lemon. It is rich in nutrients that effectively improve digestive health.

Active Ingredient

  • Garlic (Bulbus Allium Sativum) contains natural sulfur compounds which give it a pungent aroma and taste but also confer antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It effectively reduces abdominal pain, indigestion, stomach inflammation and constipation.
  • Ginger (Rhizoma Zingiber officinale) is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps to inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria hence lower the risk of infection. It helps to promote regular bowel movements and prevent irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Honey is rich in antioxidants. It helps to defend immune system against illness, including common cold. Besides, Honey has a mild laxative effect which can help combat constipation and bloating. It is also rich in friendly bacteria which act as a probiotic and keep the digestive and immune system healthy.
  • Apple (Fructus Malus Domestica) has a high fibre content that aid in digestion. Pectin improves digestion due to its soluble nature and ability to bind to toxins and excreted them out of the body. Its high pectin content provides relief for both constipation and diarrhea.
  • Lemon (Fructus Citrus Limon) is a good source of Vitamin C. It contains large amounts of citric acid which can increase urine output and decrease kidney stones as well as aid in digestion. Its soluble fiber helps improve gut health and slow the digestion of sugars and starches, hence reduced blood sugar levels.


  • Maintain general digestive health.
  • Relieves gas (flatulence).
  • Stimulates the activity of the digestive organs.
  • Relieves stomach pain.
  • Reduces constipation problems.
  • Fights infection.


Inovital Allium Plus是由五種成分組合:大蒜,生薑,蜂蜜,蘋果和檸檬。 它富含多種營養並且有效地改善消化系統健康。


  • 大蒜(Bulbus Allium Sativum)含有天然硫化合物,具有刺激性的香氣和味道,同時還具有抗氧化,抗菌,抗炎和增強免疫力的特性。 它能有效地減輕腹痛,消化不良,胃炎和便秘。
  • 生薑(Rhizoma Zingiber officinale)富含姜辣素,它具有強大抗炎和抗氧化作用的特質。 它有助於抑制許多不同類型細菌的生長,從而降低感染的風險。生薑也有助於促進定期排便和預防過敏性腸綜合徵。
  • 蜂蜜含有豐富的抗氧化劑。 它有助於保護免疫系統免受疾病,包括普通感冒。 此外,蜂蜜具有溫和的通便作用,可以幫助對抗便秘和腹脹。 它還含有豐富的友好細菌,可作為益生菌並且,保持消化系統和免疫系統的健康。
  • 蘋果(Fructus Malus Domestica)具有高纖維含量,可以幫助腸胃的消化。 蘋果富含果膠可有效幫組與改善消化,因為它具有可溶性纖維並且結合毒素將其排出體外的能力。 其高果膠含量可緩解便秘和腹瀉。
  • 檸檬(Fructus Citrus Limon)是維生素C的良好來源。它含有大量的檸檬酸,可以增加尿量,減少腎結石,並有助於消化。 其可溶性纖維有助於改善腸道健康,減緩糖和澱粉的消化,從而降低血糖水平。


  • 保持最佳的消化系統健康。
  • 緩解腸胃氣脹。
  • 刺激消化器官的活動。
  • 緩解胃痛。
  • 減少便秘問題。
  • 抗擊感染。
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