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Antioxidant Goodness

The amazing fruit of Amazon, Acai Berry, is a very promising gift from nature that is not only well-known for its rich source of antioxidants, but also highly promoted as one of the super fruit with anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, weight loss etc.

  • Lower cholesterol, strengthens hearts
  • Fight obesity & promotes weight loss
  • Healthier & more radiant skin
  • Increase the immune system
  • Promotes a more peaceful sleep
  • Improves circulation & concentration

Direction For Use

1 teaspoon in cold water / fruit juice, once daily after meal.



惊人的亚马逊浆果,巴西莓,拥有天然无数难以置信的健康福利在我们的身体和精神上。它不仅是著名丰富良好的的抗氧化物,但也推荐为奇迹水果之一,如抗衰老,抗菌,消炎,瘦身减重等。这小浆果是充分的维生素A,B1,B2,B3, C 和 E,供应和蓝莓一样多的维生素C。食用我们的Inoberry,你会惊讶它带来了惊人的健康益处:

  • 降低胆固醇水平,增强心脏机能
  • 对抗肥胖和促进瘦身减重
  • 皮肤更健康和容光焕发
  • 增加免疫系统
  • 促进一个更舒适的睡眠
  • 促进循环机能和增强精神集中力
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