Relaxation Protocol

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Product Code: 0300317
Lavender is a very potent essential oil with relaxing, calming, antibacterial and healing properties..
Product Code: 0300319
Petitgrain essential oil is the ideal companion to treat mood troubles (anxiety, nervosity) or sleep..
Product Code: 0300315
The Relaxing Massage Cream helps relax and drift off to sleep. With petitgrain organic essential oil..
Product Code: 0300316
The Relaxing Roll-On offers a quick localized massage that provides a sensation of comfort and relax..
Product Code: 0300320
Vegetable oils are excellent conveyors of essential oils properties and allow an even spreading when..
Product Code: 0300318
Sweet orange essential oil boosts relaxation. It has calming, soothing, digestive and antiseptic pro..