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EP Sola Wood Flower Natural Lazurite Diffuser Envol Green

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EP Sola Wood Flower Natural Lazurite Diffuser Envol Green

$ 1,487.00

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EP Sola Wood Flower Natural Lazurite Diffuser Envol Green
Ed Pinaud
EP Sola Wood Flower Natural Lazurite Diffuser Envol Green
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Ref No   07110445
$ 1,487.00
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  • Handmade flower made of sola wood, a natural material derived from Tapioca plant. It is eco-friendly and can quickly be broken down by environment without trace of harmful chemical.
  • Sola wood's absorbent characteristic is similar to rattan reed and can efficiently disperse fragrance in home environment.
  • Dye is incorporated inside the flower. Gradual change of color reminds the user to refill the diffuser in appropriate span to keep effective fragrance dispersion.
  • Natural diffuser is clean, needs no flame and does not generate smoke.
  • Besides a fragrance diffuser, it is a good home decoration and an excellent gift.

Note: The diffuser is designed for use of 7th Element fragrance. The use of other fragrance may hinder its performance.



  • 乾花使用木薯成分製成的全天然物料,棄置後絕不會釋放有害物質。
  • 乾花薰香與藤條薰香原理相似,薰香露通過滲透乾花之後有效將香味揮發出來。
  • 加入染料包以提示置換時刻,也有裝飾效果。
  • 薰香過程完全不涉熱力及沒有煙霧產生。
  • 除薰香實用功能外,也適合用於裝飾或禮品。

注意:此琉璃薰香瓶是專為7th Element薰香露而設計,使用其它薰香露可能不完全達至理想的效能。

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