About Us
Founded in 2000, Our Company was one of the few to recognize the immense potential of aromatherapy in Asia. For more than 20 years, the Company has been recognized in the region and has proven itself by its fast expanding expertise of Network Marketing. Subsequently, we expanded into one of the biggest Network Marketing companies in Asia.

At Billion Venture International, our continuous research and relentless pursuit of excellence bear testimony to our promise of delivering the finest products to our consumers. Apart from our quality products, Billion Venture International is also recognized for its comprehensive education system, far-sighted business plan and outstanding business integrity.

The impressive results are achieved through the dedication and hard work of our Members. In the process of strengthening our global foothold, we have also set our sights on the rest of Asia-Pacific and North America. New offices and services will be introduced as part of our ongoing efforts to add on to our existing achievements. The eDC System is one such initiative which the Company has introduced to make global operations and networking a breeze for Members.